Sunday, November 10, 2013

Revitalizing the Blog

I think that I will be revitalizing this blog. I have a separate blog for Claire which is pretty private which is how I like it considering the pervs on the internet that troll for pictures. I would like to start keeping track of whats going on again.
Update: since my last post we have had a baby, moved to a new apartment, resigned from my job, and now stay home to take care of Claire. Harvey is 4 years old now and getting fat! Wish I could take him to dog parks during the day but children aren't allowed inside of them for safety reasons. Most days Claire and I hang out at the house and primarily on Mondays and Thursdays go to the library for storytime. She loves it! She learned the Itsy Bitsy spider and Wheels on the Bus song there and now does the song anytime she can. Nothing much is going on at the moment, so I will post some pics once I can get some more time to look through them.

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